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Date: 2 Jan 2012
Place: Abudhabi

Red Line for Media and Marketing launched its first benefits guide

Catering for its exclusive corporate members, Red Line for Media and Marketing launched its first benefits guide during a ceremonial event held in Abu Dhabi on the 25th of January.

In the presence of a crowd representing dignitaries, corporate members and strategic partners, Red Line executives presented their exclusive products including: Red Line Corporate Membership and Benefits Guide that are built to cater to the needs and desires of Abu Dhabi residents bringing them exclusive offers from different businesses located in Abu Dhabi.

" Presenting Redline membership card and Redline benefits guide is a pure translation of our mission and will enable supply and demand to send the message across, where the demand (membership holders ) will reap the benefits of using their card to save money and make use of all the offers and discounts that they can enjoy through the simple act of flashing their card, and on the other hand the supply (service providers) will make sure that their business and the service they are offering will reach and appeal to a huge target market that will increase the business exposure and ultimately have its positive effect on financial returns." stated Red Line’s general manager Mr. Roy Jabaly.

About Redline Membership Card

Redline Membership Card will be distributed for free to more then 100,000 employees working at Abu Dhabi’s Major corporations and industries. Membership holders will be able to benefit from many appealing offers, benefits and discounts throughout Abu Dhabi by the only act of flashing their card at any of the Participant Company or institution.

About Redline Benefits Guide:

Designed and built to accompany Redline Membership holders, the Redline Benefits Guide will include all the exclusive offer, benefits and discounts that the membership holders will be entitled to.

The Redline Benefits Guide will represent the medium through which consumers and suppliers will communicate and interact for the benefit of both sides.

The Benefits Guide will be updated periodically to allow membership holders to make use of new and updated benefits and on the other hand give suppliers the opportunity to update their offers and to change the message that they need to convey to the members.

For more information and Inquiries please contact:

Red Line for Media and Marketing
Contact Number: +971559265555
P.O Box 334115